“Living Space” Mobile Shelves

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“Living Space” Mobile Shelves

“Living Space” Mobile Shelves

The systems of compactable cabinets "Living Space" are inspired by a product concept designed more for the needs of libraries and book depots rather than for simple archiving or traditional storage. The goal is in fact to offer a real OPEN CABINET installed on a mobile base. This translates into a series of exclusive construction features of the product offered: 1) SOLID SIDE SIDES thickness 10/10. The construction of the shelf with solid side panels instead of traditional open uprights guarantees a more rational use of the system: the archived material cannot slide sideways from one compartment to another. 2) INDEPENDENT SHELVES thickness 10/10. For each bilateral trolley there are two independent shelves that can be offset at will, and not a single support surface which severely limits the loading possibilities. The thickness used, an exclusive feature on the national scene, is also the maximum guarantee of strength and resistance, even at the highest loads. 3) SYSTEM SAFETY. Maximum attention is also paid to the SAFETY of the systems. Always present in the basic supply there are in fact: - the anti-overturning device that binds the mobile base to the sliding tracks - the anti-crushing device with the use of a handwheel with rotation lock button on each mobile base to prevent the accidental closure of users inside the system. The systems in question are built in compliance with the requirements of the D.L. 81/80.

STRUCTURE Made with longitudinal profiles obtained from press-bent steel sheet of mm. 120 x 30 x 2 sp. connected to each other by the heads of the trolley, by the sliding slides and by the shaped profiles suitable for supporting the sides. The heads of the trolley are made of bent steel sheets (after processing with a CNC punching center) with a thickness of 20/10 mm. The sliding slides are made by coupling two "C" shaped plates in press-bent galvanized sheet metal (after machining with a CNC punching center) with a thickness of 30/10 mm. Each slide is connected to the longitudinal profiles by means of a plate obtained from press-folded galvanized sheet metal (after machining with a CNC punching center). The two "C" shapes that make up the slide have on the sides the housing for the molded supports with inserted bearing which support the shaft of the transmission wheel. Each trolley foresees the fixing of 2 rubber shock absorbers on the two longitudinal sides of the same. The elements are joined in the fastening area of ??the sliding slides. TRANSMISSION The motion transmission to the trolley takes place by means of a handwheel made of Technopolymer, equipped with a button that blocks the rotation of the same and does not allow the trolley to be moved. Transmission casing outside the shelving for quicker and easier maintenance. Before each handling operation, the operator is required to make sure that there are no people or impediments of various kinds to the handling of the trolley in the consultation corridor; subsequently, by releasing the handwheel, you can carry out the maneuver. The handwheel is connected to a primary shaft with gear which by means of a chain transmits the motion to the gear of the transmission shaft which runs longitudinally to the mobile base and connects all the front wheels of the sliding skids provided therein. All the aforementioned components are protected by a casing outside the shelving which allows, in case of need, a quick maintenance intervention without having to remove the shelving body. The carter placed on the terminal carriage of each block is supplied with a lock for general closure of the block itself. The transmission system is reduced according to the length of the mobile base and the expected range of use in order to minimize the maneuvering effort on the handwheel (in any case never exceeding 5 Kg.) And to allow the movement of more mobile bases with only one maneuver.


TRAVEL AND DRIVING The trolley runs on tracks made with drawn steel from mm. 30 x 25 suitably leveled and fixed to the floor by means of dowels. The outermost tracks of the system perform the dual task of "Guide" of the mobile base and of "Anti-overturning" of the same, by means of bearings applied in the lower part of the sliding slides that work in contrast with the sides of the track and are contained in a bent profile in 20/10 galvanized sheet that does not allow the base to be lifted from the tracks. Limit switch devices equipped with shockproof rubber are installed on the ends of the guide rails. FULL SIDE SIDES Thanks to the construction with closed side walls, books cannot fall from one front to the other The sides are made of 10/10 thick glossy sheet metal, previously machined on a CNC punching center for the creation of the slots for the insertion of the shelves support shelves and subsequently boxed by press-folding. The drilling pitch foreseen for the insertion of the brackets is mm. 25. The side is fixed to the mobile base by bolting The initial sides have a plexiglass tag holder on the side towards the access corridors for each shelving front. SHELVES - Thickness 10/10 for a better range - Independent and adjustable to different heights on the two opposite sides The shelves are made of quality glossy sheet metal, thickness 10/10 with triple folding on all sides and a front thickness of mm. 30. The shelves, independent for each front of the shelving, can be repositioned, with a 25 mm pitch shift, with extreme ease and without the aid of any tools as they are simply placed on the support shelves. The capacity of the shelves is Kg. 120.

ACCESSORIES FOR SHELVES On request, the shelf can be equipped with movable dividers hooked to the shelf itself and sliding along the entire front. On request, the shelf can be equipped with extractable shelves, sliding on telescopic guides. The shelf is generally installed in number of one for each corridor in order to consult the files taken inside the corridor itself, without having to use a support surface outside the system. STIFFENING CRUISES They are made of 20 x 3 mm flat iron. and by means of small brackets they are bolted to the sides to allow them to be positioned correctly. Generally they are positioned alternately for each shelf light installed on a mobile base, so as to also allow two fronts of the shelf to be completely free from obstruction for full depth storage. ANTI-SHOCK AND ANTI-DUST DEVICES The shelving of each mobile base is equipped with perimeter seals in PVC on the two vertical sides, and in press-folded sheet metal on the upper horizontal side, which perform the task of anti-dust profiles and also integrate the damping of the impact given by the approach of the mobile bases. they provide, as main damping elements, bumper mushrooms installed at the ends of the same. SYSTEM CENTRAL CLOSING On the terminal element of each group the transmission protection casing is equipped with a lock that blocks the rotation of the handwheel and therefore does not allow the movement of the carriage and consequently the opening of the whole group. SLIDING CLOSING DOORS They are made with high quality glossy sheet metal panels of the thickness. of 10/10 mm. each consisting of 3 staves machined on a CNC punching center for the realization of the assembly holes by means of bolting and press-folded to obtain two vertical reinforcements in coupling. The doors slide on a special guide, also press-folded, by means of Teflon rollers with bearings. They are equipped with double key lock.

LEVELING PLATFORM Made with class 1 fireproof chipboard panel covered with melamine. Non-slip neutral finish. It is placed between the tracks to create coplanarity with them and not allow operators to stumble. The connection with the floor is made by means of slides in galvanized sheet of suitable inclination. PAINTING OF THE SHELVES Made by using non-toxic epoxy powders, after degreasing and phosphating in order to obtain a surface treatment that allows the best resistance to corrosion and perfect adhesiveness of the powders. The process cycle is as follows. - Degreasing tunnel - Phosphating - Drying - Application of non-toxic and self-extinguishing epoxy polyester powders. - Polymerization in the oven up to 200 ° The painting responds to the following characteristics: - Resistance to artificial aging: 500 h. - Resistance to salt spray: 500 h - Relative humidity resistance: 1,000 h - Pencil hardness: Grade F - Bend test: 3.0 T