ECO Cleaver

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ECO Cleaver

ECO Cleaver

The ultimate in desktop disc repair
Put any scratched disc format into this machine, from CDs to DVDs, games to Blu-Ray to CD-Rom, and you can expect outstanding results at the touch of a button.
Discs come out clean and dry and the machine is whisper-quiet during operation, making it particularly ideal for the library sector.
Being multi-functional the machine is extremely efficient and effective whilst at the same time making disc repair incredibly simple with users requiring minimal training.


This is a truly amazing, fully-automatic, multi-stage repair solution that is a chameleon when it comes to disc repair.
At the touch of a button the Eco Clever engages a series of repair processes to deliver an efficient and effective repair. The versatility of the machine ensures you can repair 99% of discs regardless of damage level or format, giving you outstanding results every time.

The majority of repairs can be completed in 4 minutes for less than 28 pence per repair.

Using a series of pads with different levels of coarseness the Eco Clever gradually grinds away layers of the disc, before polishing the surface to an as-new condition.
Once the repair cycle has finished, the door opens automatically and the disc comes out completely clean, dry and ready to return to its case.

As if that’s not clever enough it also tells you when it needs fresh consumables, says when it’s not happy, and lets you know how to make it better!


Price includes:
1 x Eco Clever disc repair machine 1 x Starter pack
1 x Quick reference guide 1 x Empty waste bottle
1 x Blu-ray compatibility 1 x User guide
1 x Pre-mixed water additive Telephone support
30 day money-back guarantee 1 Year Warranty

General Features:
Dimensions: 223x320x312mm.
Net weight: 16.2 Kg
Power supply: AC90-260 V, 50-60 Hz 150 W (Max)
Temperature: 15 ° C - 35 ° C
Ambient humidity: <90%