RFID labels

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RFID labels

RFID labels

Technical Data
Connection and security.

RFID tags are equipped with a combination chip / antenna positioned on the plastic film. RFID tags can be embedded in paper labels.
The label has a rewritable memory, associated with an anti-theft feature.

After check-out, and for the duration of the loan, the anti-theft feature is automatically disabled.
When the label is read, the data is sent to the library management system and the anti-theft feature is set.

This is a great advantage over other anti-theft systems, in which data and safety remain separate.

Direct physical contact is not required.

Another important benefit of RFID security is that the labels can be read without direct contact.
This means that the labels can be placed inside a book or even in the cover.


Tirrenia offers two types of RFID tags:

  1. • Labels for books (Booklabel)
  2. • Round Labels for CD / DVD (Ringlabel)


• Contains a rewritable memory
• anti-theft feature
• Detection without contact
• Connection between Data and Safety
• Available Booklabel and Ringlabel for CD / DVD


Material specifications:
Dimensions (mm): 8 x 5 81 x 49 (w I x) ± 0.2 mm
5 x 5 50 x 50 (w I x) ± 0.2 mm
CD / DVD Ringlabel 40 mm ± 0.2 mm (diameter)
Antenna Material: Copper Optional
Thickness of the package (excluding IC and siliconized paper) 205 ?m ± 10%
Application: Self-adhesive on the back
Size roll / 8 x 5 minimum order 1500 pcs. / 97%
5 x 5 2000 pcs. / 97%
CD / DVD Ringlabel 2000 pcs. / 95%
Material of Front transponder matt paper 79
Material from the back of the transponder Silicone paper 56


Operating temperature:                           Electrical parts                             -25 - 85 degrees Celsius
ESD Electrostatic discharge immunity:                                                          ± 2 kV HBM peak
Dural retention:                            2 years from production date                  + 20 degrees C, 50% RH
Static Pressure:                                                                                            <10 N / mm ´


RFID Specifications:
Protocol IC                                                              ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, CE, FCC
Operating Frequency:                                                                 13.56 MHz
Resonant frequency of discharge                            8 x 5         14.40 MHz ± 0.35 MHz

                                                                                5 x 5         14:40 MHz ± 0.35 MHz

                                                                       CD / DVD label    13.80 MHz ± 0.35 MHz
Function:                                                                      R / W memory, shoplifting
EAS Function:                                                                   With EAS-bit or AFI


Key Features
Supported by all Bibliotheca products
Support for all Bibliotheca-internal data models
Support for standard data model
10 years data retention (Standard ISO Label)
40 years data retention (Archive & Longlife Label)
100´000 write cycles
1024 bits of on-chip memory (Standard ISO Label)
2048 bits of on-chip memory (Archive & Longlife Label)
Interface complies fully with ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3
Multi-label operation
Unique serial number
AFI support
EAS support (only on NXP chips)
Standard ISO Label rectangular
Standard ISO Label squared
Longlife Label
Archive Label