Tirr-Grip labels

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Tirr-Grip labels

Tirr-Grip labels

Labels suitable for application on hard and rough surfaces.

The Tirr-Grip is composed of a special paper impregnated with latex, with semi-gloss finish; it has excellent conformability and flexibility, as well as an excellent resistance to humidity.

These properties, together with the new glue formula utilized, and with reversible neutral PH, give our Tirr-Grip labels adhesiveness and resistance on any type of back or underside surface.

They can be supplied in various media sizes:
-A4 sheet
-continuous roll

We are also able to create a wide range of customized graphics, such as logos or emblems.

These labels do not require special protective films: in fact the outside resin does not allow the passage of air through the labels, with consequent loss of adhesiveness and detachment.


Adhesive properties
Hot-melt permanent high strength adhesive for use on rough and difficult surfaces.
Standard Tirr-Grip adhesive.

-Composition: Rubber Base.
-Minimum application temperature: - 5c °.
-Operating Temperature: -40 ° C. to + 70 ° C.

Please note that Our labels are printable and compatible with the various management software used in libraries, like James, Aleph, Bibliowin, Easycat Nexus, SBN and many others.

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