Nilfisk Backuum

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Nilfisk Backuum

Nilfisk Backuum

Maximum freedom of suction

• Available with power supply cable (1200W).
• Lightweight and ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort.
• Easy to lift and carry, reduces back strain
• Attaching the adjustable tube allows you to use it with both right and left hands.
• The operator always has a free hand to perform other tasks
• System low speed re-release of intake air.
• Productivity is maximized due to the fact that pushing or pulling of the device is not required
• The HEPA filter, is ideal for cleaning areas particularly sensitive to   dust.
• The robust design and excellent quality of materials used ensure long service life
• electric brush, optional, for the cleaning of carpets and rugs (available on the cable version).

Comfortable to carry, can provide suction anywhere with complete freedom of movement.
Cleaning has never been easier, Nilfisk Backuum has always been considered one of the best and most productive systems for cleaning hard to reach or congested areas such as archives, libraries, escalators, offices and other areas in which conventional vacuum cleaners are difficult to use.


And now with this version a connection to a power outlet is not required to use the vacuum cleaner. Cleaning has never been easier and faster.


The HEPA filter is ideal for cleaning aseptic environments such as hospitals.