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Dust remover for Books
• "Smaller yet bigger" with only 2 steps to eliminate dust up to sizes of 600 mm.
• Ideal for archives and libraries.
• Its compact size makes it easy to access even the most small and confined spaces


Removal of dust from books means: 
 • Implementing a process of prevention and book conservation . 
• Improving Health protection



                                               STANDARD                                                             MAXI


Max size                 height 400 mm x 210 mm depth                           height 600 mm x 210 mm depth
Machine width                          590 mm                                                                590 mm
Machine Length                        770 mm                                                                970 mm
Machine Height                       1120 mm                                                              1120 mm
Power supply                            220 V                                                                   220 V

Available in 2 versions