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 DEPULVERA is the only automated solution to the requirement of removing dust from books in libraries and library deposits, and to the prevention of the onset of diseases that damage their integrity and jeopardize their timeless preservation.

This equipment is in fact specifically designed and patented to remove dust on the exposed surfaces of books, avoiding the need for these procedures to be carried out through manual methods with high costs of labor and eliminating the need to transfer volumes into appropriately ventilated places.

DEPULVERA can be maneuvered easily and nimbly, even amongst the narrow lanes of libraries and library deposits, taking into account with utmost care the assets within them, working with quietness and delicacy and with absolute safety for the operator.

Technical Features
• Elimination of dust on the outer surfaces of books.
• Extremely easy to use.
• Soft rubber wheels anti-track for ease of mobility even in tight spaces.
• Quiet operation allows use even during normal library activities.
• Dusting the facades with natural non dust catalyst bristle brushes

•Removed dust extraction system during dusting, without contaminating the surrounding environment.

Max Dimensions 110 x 400 mm x books h. 400 Width approx machine.
750 mm Machine length approx. 1150 mm
Machine Height approx. 1200 mm
Working speed 12 books / min.
Power supply 220 V