SENSONET® Sistemi di registrazione dei dat i microambientalI Wireless

SENSONET® Sistemi di registrazione dei dat i microambientalI Wireless | environmental monitoring data recorders pest insect borers xylophagous cultural heritage |

SENSONET® Sistemi di registrazione dei dat i microambientalI Wireless

SENSONET® Sistemi di registrazione dei dat i microambientalI Wireless

SENSONET is a system that periodically acquires the temperature and humidity using wireless sensors powered by small conventional batteries.
It performs the functions of data logger, Thermo-Hygrograph and a warning system against sudden rises and falls of these variables together with many additional features.

• Acquisition of temperature and humidity using wireless sensors.
• Send alerts via email or text message to your mobile phone.
• Data logger or digital Thermo-Hygrograph with monthly, weekly or daily updates

• Processing, storage, data processing, both in local form (in the same building) or remotely  anywhere in world via the Internet


Preventive conservation of:

  • works placed in rooms, cabinets, pedestals, walls etc..
  • works stored in bags, containers, refrigerators, etc..

Studies of the behavior of the building:
SENSONET can be used to calculate and monitor conditions inside the building / museum and its air conditioning system

Air conditioning system check:
Easily detects the levels of temperature and humidity in the air, even within distinctly different rooms, ensuring that the air conditioning system is always functioning correctly

Receive alerts 24 hours daily:
you can configure alerts to the mobile phones of relevant personnel (to employees,
security, maintenance, editor, etc.), to detect problems in the air conditioning system in halls and / or glass displays for the most delicate works 24 hours daily

The use of SENSONET is also recommended (in the preferred mode) during exhibitions, where your museum exhibits or sells of pieces or works.
It ensures that the pieces or works sold or lent are in the agreed environmental conditions.

Configuration and Web consulting from any PC connected to the internal network of the museum building or organization through the Internet.
From any computer connected to the Internet you can:
• Access to the actual values ??of temperature and humidity measured in the air.
• Change the threshold values ??and the recipients to whom you send alerts and notifications via email or text
• Monitor the status of the sensors (battery level, operational YES / NO, etc.). 


Very flexible system, with extension possibilities. You can start with a few sensors and expand the network at a later time.
The sensors can be repositioned at a later time (very useful in exhibition situations and
the repositioning of pieces or works).

Sending notices to four recipients:
by E-mail or text to each phone required
Benefits: each sensor can be configured separately from the others (target and threshold values)
A group of sensors is associated with a manager (restoration / conservation personnel).
Another group is associated with the conditioning staff.
Others to exhibition personnel. All may be associated and assigned a single person

SENSONET system does not require any in house functioning computer.
SENSONET has everything needed to send SMS and email messages.

The sensors are compact size (71x71x15mm) and of neat design.
Four colors available: black, grey, ivory and white.

Wireless System:
Does not require any cable installation
Installation "turnkey" in a day.
Repositioning of the sensors at any time.

Conventional batteries
AA alkaline ( 2 required )
Purchased in any supermarket, shop, ...

Electronic sensors based on nanotechnology.
Battery life: more than two years (survey every ten minutes)

SENSONET system consists of:
• Control System
• Sensors
• Repeaters
• SENSODAT program


The customer only needs to inform us of the number of sensors required and where in the building / buildings they will be placed


With this information:
• Study detailed quote.

Once accepted:
• Install "turnkey".
• Training of employees.
• Warranty and preventative maintenance "on line"
• After sales support.

Application that allows you to:
• See the locations of T / RH of sensors on all building floors in one or several plants.
• Display and printing of T / RH with monthly, weekly or daily views
• System configuration (changing names of the sensors, changing values, alert users, etc..).

Easy management.
They can be used by multiple computers in the same building or remotely with computers in the same organism.

Advantages for users:
• Each person can access the system according to individual requirements
• Every download and graphics print as required

The program SENSODAT does not need complicated installation.

• No special allowances are needed from the computer department of the body or museum.
• You can use a USB stick.
• With this system you can improve management of information, anytime, print graphics, etc..

Viewing Plan:
• Show the values ??of T / RH on the floor of the museum / building.
• Very intuitive to people who know the distribution of the museum / building.
• You can get various plants (most plans).
• Your program shows a sequential pattern of the various plans.
• The user can choose a pattern that is displayed permanently.

• Show the values ??of T / RH of all sensors
• Summarizes data from all sensors (values ??of T / RH, batteries, alarms

Window Graphics:
• Allows you to download data.
• Creation of graphic T / RH sensor in any simple way.
• ZOOM: monthly, weekly, daily views
• Allows sensor comparing and monitoring
• Direct access buttons for printing.
• Button "copy / paste" for other applications such as Word, PowerPoint, etc..

Example of a graph produced by SENSODAT.

Other SENSODAT functions:
• View pictures and details of installation.
• With this method, with passage of time, the restorer / conservator can easily remember where sensors are installed.
• The administrative mode allows you to change configuration of the sensors, the values, users and to install new sensors and replace existing ones

SENSONET Advantages:
• Full Manual in english
• We adapt and improve the product, depending on the needs of our customers
• Maintenance and all necessary technical support in Italy
We carry out projects on the same day (permanent stock of material).

We carry out installations "turnkey" on the same day.
Our projects include consultation, material, installation and training for system users.